Family and Food.

Years ago my mom and dad shared a connection over a romantic meal. Obviously one thing lead to another, and the world was eventually graced with me and my awesome siblings. Fast forward to today and you’ll find all of us, me, my brothers and sisters, my nieces and nephews, brought together by food. We … Continue reading


Love or Money.

Yesterday was valentines day. A stupid holiday in my opinion; guys are expected to drop loads of cash on dinner and champagne, and overpriced flowers and chocolates. Ladies must wear red panties, bake things, and of course, put out. Couples make such a big deal about this day: It’s a night that will make or … Continue reading

The Wellington GastroPub

I did not grow up in a very wealthy family. So we ate things like kraft dinner, margarine, and alphaghetti. Lots of prepackaged foods and not enough real food. And we never went out to eat. Finally I grew up and began tasting new things. Though I was quite picky at first, a stranger in … Continue reading

first post. my passion.

My passion is food. Good food. Real food from the ground, the vine, the tree, the barn, the field, or the sea; in season and as local as possible. No chemicals, no additions. Just the genius of a good chef to blend earthly beauty into heavenly magic on my plate. My mission is to eat … Continue reading